【Standing Seam Clip】

Standing Seam Clip is non-penetrated solution specially designed for Standing Seam metal sheet profile.

  • MATERIAL: AL 6005-T5/SUS304
  • MODEL: M100*100
  • MOQ: 50PCS

【Standing Seam Clip】

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Standing Seam Clip is also designed for Standing Seam metal sheet profile. This optimized mounting system will be directly fixed on the metal roof easily with simple installation tools in non-penetration way to avoid any roof drilling or water leaking headache.

1. Durable Quality!

Standing Seam Clip are made with A Grade material with good fabrication and anodizing treatment.

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2. More Options, Easier Installation!

Standing Seam Clip adopts clamps to fasten panels onto different Standing Seam metal roof without penetrating the roof profile.

Quick and easy installation of Standing Seam Clip will greatly helps save more money for clients and shorten payback period.

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3. Short Lead Time!

HonUnity always keep enough stock of each components in warehouse, thus keeping an short lead time for client and can delivery the cargo within shortest time.

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