Hanger Bolt Solar Roof

Hanger Bolt Hook is developed for almost all corrugated metal roof projects.

  • MATERIAL: AL 6005-T5/SUS304/EPDM
  • MODEL: L84
  • MOQ: 50PCS

Hanger Bolt Solar Roof Mounting

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Hanger Bolt Kit is developed for almost all corrugated metal roof projects. This optimized mounting system will be directly fixed on the metal roof easily with simple installation tools.

Features of our PV module hanger bolts

  • 7 3/4″ and 9 3/4″ length for choosing.

  • Good load bearing capacity.

  • Quick mounted installation hardware, fast fit system.

  • Precise adjust deepth and height for metal roofs.

  • Well span gap controlled by our longer hanger bolt for roof structure.

  • Includes bolt, rubber pad, flange nuts, support plate.

  • Application: metal roofing , trapezoidal roofs, corrugated metal sheet roofing, sandwich fiber roof, tin roofs.

Installation Guide

Components includes for roof fastening with our hanger bolt kits, double hanger bolts,

L bracket, mounting rails, mid / end clamps.

1) Pre-drilled hole on metal roofing profile and wood rafter.

2) Screw in hanger bolts , the EPDM seal should slightly compressed roof surface.

3) Adjust adapter plate to proper height, then fasten locking nuts well.

4) Mounting aluminum rails and rail splice.

5) Mounting mid / end clamps.

1. Durable Quality!

Hanger Bolt are made with A Grade material with good fabrication and anodizing treatment.

The EPDM material also help prevent any water-leaking headache from clients.

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2. Wide Application!

Hanger Bolts Kit  can be widely applied to almost all Corrugated metal roof projects.

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3. More Options!

Honunity Offers more options of hanger Bolt metl roof hooks for clents to choose according to their roof conditions.

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